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Become Involved in ADHD Awareness!

Canadians are being asked to Participate in the 2016 ADHD Challenge

Help raise ADHD awareness, show off your skills and help raise funds for ADHD Awareness and advocacy work across Canada, all at the same time!

The Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC) urges every Canadian to participate in a challenge of their choice for the month of October in an effort to raise awareness of ADHD and help raise funds for ADHD awareness and advocacy work across Canada.  Whether you are 6, 16 or 60+ we want you to decide on a personal challenge that you want to complete during the month of October, ADHD Awareness Month, and complete the challenge with the support of your sponsors.

Become Involved in Advocacy Efforts!

In order for advocacy of ADHD to be effective, the voices of those impacted by the disorder need to be heard. Myths and misinformation have been prominent in the media and in the community at large for too many years, despite abundant medical information backed by research. The misunderstanding and stigma surrounding ADHD continues to impact families affected by ADHD, causing stress, confusion, under diagnosis and under treatment. This continuing stigma has resulted in most families remaining quiet about the significant impact of ADHD on their lives.

When their constituents remain silent on the issues surrounding ADHD, politicians and decision makers see no need to make any changes or even consider the impact of ADHD. When they are informed about existing needs though advocacy work they are uninterested because they think their constituents are uninterested.

If you have an interest in ADHD, CADDAC and other Canadian ADHD support organizations need your help! Advocacy efforts cannot succeed unless the voices of those like you are heard – we need all those with an interest in ADHD: parents, grandparents, adults with ADHD, extended family members, educators and medical professionals to do at least one thing to add their voice to the effort.

Please access the information below to find out how you can help.

  • ADHD Advocacy  
  • Advocacy Toolkit 
  • Write a letter to your MPP, MLAS, MNA or MP   
  • Write a letter to a minister in your province
  • Write a letter to the editor or your local paper
  • Contact your elected official

Please Note:

All federal and provincial legislative representatives, as well as Ministers in health, education, justice, labour/social services, and child and youth services have recently been sent a copy of a newly published paper on the socioeconomic costs of ADHD, “Paying Attention to the Cost of ADHD, the Price Paid by Canadian Families, Governments and Society”. If you find it helpful, feel free to use points made in the summary of this paper as talking points for your letters or when meeting with your legislative representatives.